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Implementation of OpsGENUS at Animal Health Partners

Implementation of OpsGENUS at Animal Health Partners

Animal Health Partners (AHP) is a network of 24-hour veterinary emergency and specialty hospitals that unites ideas from human medicine and veterinary care specialists to provide innovative, evidence-based, patient-centred care to companion animals. Its specialty services include neurology, cardiology, surgery, internal medicine, oncology, and critical care.

By implementing OpsGENUS at its Scarsdale location, AHP was able to:

  1. Optimize staff scheduling; 
  2. Improve billing consistency and accuracy; and
  3. Empower better performance discussions with team members.

Optimizing scheduling in Emergency and Specialty

At AHP, the Emergency, Specialty, and Critical Care departments each operate differently and must be managed with different Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in mind. 

In the Emergency Room (ER), it is critical to get the adequate staffing levels in order to meet client demand. With OpsGENUS, AHP was able to get granular data on its daily and hourly volumes to better schedule its ER shifts, including adding an additional shift on Sundays after noticing that wait times were spiking on Sunday mornings.  

Specialty services like neurology, surgery, cardiology, internal medicine and oncology operate primarily on an appointment basis. However, they also often get transfers from the ER for patients that require specialty consults or surgery. With OpsGENUS, AHP was able to quantify the volume of patients getting transferred to each specialty, and was able to optimize its scheduling to ensure enough of a buffer to manage ER overflow. 

Track profitability easily and enable better performance discussions

In a large hospital like AHP, it is essential for a practice manager to have access to the proper tools to track profitability and operational efficiency. Traditionally, doing this requires downloading reports from the Practice Management System and analyzing the data manually. 

By using OpsGENUS, AHP was able to begin tracking the profitability of all its services on a daily basis, with no manual effort required. The tool also enabled them to drill down into specific departments and staff members to identify areas for improvement. AHP was able to improve its profitability by focusing less energy on building reports and more energy on actioning the insights provided by the reports. 

A key area of improvement was billing consistency. By being able to drill down to view billing practices by department and resource, AHP was able to put in place more consistent billing practices, leading to overall gains in efficiency. 

Performance reviews based on data

AHP was also able to use OpsGENUS to help inform performance reviews. Using pre-built performance reports that indicate billing compliance and compare results with team members, AHP’s department heads were able to have more informed performance discussions with their staff. 

Final Word

“OpsGENUS Business Insights is my cheat sheet to all I need to know about what is going on in my business,” says Mariette Hermann, Practice Manager at AHP Scarsdale. “I cannot even begin to describe how much time this saves our business. I can now have more time with my staff and less time combing through information on my computer.”

Animal Health Partners prides itself on using innovative solutions to provide better patient care, and it plans to implement OpsGENUS when it opens its second location in Q4 2022.