Conduct clinical research and clinical trials at scale

  • Life sciences
  • Researchers
  • Connect researchers with data

    Accelerate trial design by connecting researchers with the right data at the right time.

  • Enable decentralized clinical trials

    Increase the scale of clinical trials with data connectivity over multiple sites.

  • Track Patient Outcomes

    Reduce patients lost to follow-up by providing pet parents with user-friendly tools to give feedback on health outcomes.

Key Features

Manage and scale clinical trials from inception to dissemination

Manage Clinical Trials

Connect researchers to the data they need to design, manage and scale clinical trials

  • Researchers
  • Life sciences
Connect With Patients

Track treatment outcomes by engaging with pet parents throughout the patient journey

  • Researchers
  • Patients
Standardize Data

Enable cross-species clinical analysis by mapping existing data to standardized taxonomies

  • Researchers
  • Life sciences