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Our ecosystem of tools helps improve healthcare outcomes for pets and humans by connecting vets, managers and researchers with high-quality data and AI-driven insights

We recognize that the pathway to better care and outcomes is data informed knowledge

Pets are a valued member of the human family. Living, breathing and eating together; we share common healthcare problems and potential solutions. Our systems harmonize and analyze pet healthcare data for better use and understanding of spontaneous diseases. Using our ecosystem, our trusted partners engage in the care and research necessary to achieve solutions to healthcare problems for both pets and their human family members.

Our team of passionate veterinary, healthcare and data experts work together to provide useful, scalable and insightful products knowing that better data results in healthier lives.

Our Partners

Partners Across the Veterinary and Healthcare Industry


The Practice Management Software of choice for veterinary professionals who want to save time, grow their business and deliver excellence in all aspects of veterinary care.

Ontario Veterinary College

A world leader in advancing veterinary science, learning and research to improve the lives of animals, people and our planet.

Vet Strategy

A network of over 360 veterinary hospitals across Canada, their approach blends modern management techniques, a belief in the extraordinary capability of the veterinary clinic staff, and their insistence that veterinarians are free to practice responsible veterinary medicine.

Toronto Animal Health Partners

A Toronto based veterinary specialty and emergency hospital network uniting ideas from human medicine and veterinary care specialists to provide innovative, evidence-based, patient-centred care to companion animals.

Our Founders

Scott Woodrow

Co-Founder & CEO

Scott Woodrow has been working in healthcare technology commercialization for close to 20 years. ABC Intelligence was conceived while working together with Dr. David Jaffray, inspired by the potential for spontaneous disease models in animals impacting healthcare for both animals and humans. In support of this mission, in 2019, Scott founded the Animal Health Partners Emergency and Specialty Hospital (AHP), a large veterinary referral center. Through AHP, Scott was able to better understand the operational intricacies of veterinary medicine, and identify opportunities to improve the industry through the integration of data technologies. Scott is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Animal Health Partners Chair in Veterinary Medical Innovation at the Ontario Veterinary College.

Dr. David Jaffray


Dr. David Jaffray is the SVP and Chief Technology and Digital Officer at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Dr. Jaffray previously served as Executive Vice President for Technology and Innovation at University Health Network (UHN) in Toronto, where he met Scott and co-Founded ABC Intelligence based on the potential for disease models in animals to impact healthcare for both animals and humans. Dr. Jaffray is a professor of Radiation and Imaging Physics and author of 300+ publications on cancer detection and treatment.

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Corey Armstrong

Principal Software Engineer

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Senior Software Engineer

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Software Engineer

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Software Engineer

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Software Engineer

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Senior UI/UX Designer

Roshan Nanua

Senior Data Engineer

Reza Filsoof

Lead Data Scientist

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Product Manager

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Deborah Burke

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