ABC Intelligence Hires Doug Brooks as Chief Operating Officer

ABC Intelligence Hires Doug Brooks as Chief Operating Officer

Doug Brooks to lead ABC Intelligence’s activities in the United States

We are proud to welcome Doug Brooks as Chief Operating Officer to lead our activities in the United States and to develop a broad market for utilization of ABC Intelligence’s data and artificial intelligence solutions. 

Doug brings over 30 years of experience in the veterinary industry, working across the device, pharmaceutical and corporate veterinary sectors. Doug has a stellar reputation for knowledge, connectivity and interoperability in the veterinary industry. As Chief Operating Officer, Doug will seek to drive opportunities through better data and effective utilization of artificial intelligence such that all segments can achieve greater impact. “Doug is very well-respected within the veterinary industry and brings a wealth of knowledge and perspective to our team,” said Scott Woodrow, Chief Executive Officer. “Matching the capabilities of ABC’s products and services to Doug’s unique understanding of the industry will maximize the positive impact ABC Intelligence can have on healthcare outcomes.”

“I am thrilled to be a part of the ABC Intelligence team,” said Doug Brooks. “I have been part of the evolution of veterinary medicine throughout my career and see ABC as being a key driver of the next step in that evolution. The creation and use of high quality data will be what separates one industry participant from the next. I am excited to be a player in that evolution.”

About ABC Intelligence

ABC Intelligence is a software and data company specializing in the veterinary industry. Our products enable the efficient collection, harmonization and utilization of data across the veterinary industry to maximize healthcare outcomes. Our suite of VetGenus products include solutions for participants in veterinary clinical practice and operations, clinical research, product development and technology development.

A harmonized and enriched dataset is at the core of our VetGenus platform: PetGenus provides veterinarians with diagnostic and treatment recommendations for clinical decision support; OpsGenus provides practice managers with analytics on the operational efficiency of their clinic; and ResearchGenus connects researchers to patient data from a network of clinics to accelerate and scale clinical trials.

If you want to hear more of how our solutions can improve the outcomes of clinical studies and patient care, contact us to discuss your needs and schedule a product demonstration.